Sunday, July 23, 2006
It's still hot
And yes, I’m still complaining about it.

For 13 years I lived in the Mojave Desert where bright summer days reached 120 but we always had either evaporative cooling or air-conditioned cooling and in the house we owned we had both. When I lived in Texas, we had window units in at least 2 rooms of the house. When I lived in Louisiana, we always had window or central air. Now I live in Southern California in government housing that has heat…ONLY. Last year Husband and I broke the law and removed all the fluorescent ceiling lights in the living area and 3 bedrooms and replaced them with the cheapest ceiling fans (with lights) that we could find. These obviously cheapie fans were not made to be on 24 hours a day and two of them have started making very irritating noises! I’m dealing with it though.

The sun has now moved to the other side of the house and it’s now stitching time, since I can no longer stand the heat in my office. Necessity is the mother of invention…I’m going to invent evaporative cooling in my living area by turning on the sprinkler in the back of the house.


This is the latest item I’ve stitched. It’s two motifs from Ackworth and is on a round robin I’m participating in. The colors are washed out from my flash, but the fabric is a beautiful light blue and the fibers are DMC 824. I’m waiting on the next piece to arrive, but until then I’m working on Strawberry Garden, and will share a progress picture of that later.
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