Tuesday, July 11, 2006
I have a new mode of transportation
I started taking the train to and from work yesterday. It takes me the same amount of time from my door to the work door, but now I don't have the stress of commuting or the wear and tear on my bumble-z. The station is about a 5 minute drive from my house and a 5 minute walk from my job (I'm actually across the street, at work).

Since I absolutely refuse to do any school work I have started reading a frou-frou book "Fellowship of the Rings" (Yes, Jill, I'm finally reading it). I'll have to drive to work one day a week because I have school, in the opposite, no train, direction, plus I keep the office refrigerator filled and get to go grocery shopping once a week. I figure this is saving me about $40 a month in gas, not to mention putting off the need to do maintenance on my car.

Annette - I think I'm over my start-itis, for now. I have so many really nice, already kitted things, like Loose Feathers, Essy's, etc.
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