Wednesday, July 05, 2006
I'm enjoying cleaning?
Send help!

We sort of skipped Spring cleaning so did a bunch of Summer cleaning over our 5 day weekend. It went in spurts and instead of focusing on just one room at a time, we sort of "hodgepodged" in several rooms. The house “feels” better for it. So do the cars, thanks to Husband. With the exception of the kitchen towels I put on to bleach this morning, all laundry is done for the week! That in and of itself is a huge accomplishment. Dusting is a huge task right now since we don't have A/C and have to keep the windows open. The wind blowing in from the ocean keeps everything coated in find beach dust.

Instead of stitching, I worked more in my office. I can now see the top of my desk, my fabric has been added to, I've filed more patterns away and have pulled several things to sell, and cleaned out my computer. I deleted over 200 emails I had been saving, for Heaven only knows what, rearranged my inbox folders, deleted myself from some yahoo groups and BBs. I love the feeling of being “de-cluttered.” I have class tonight but am hoping, since all of the above is done, to stitch the rest of the week.

Last night we went to watch the fireworks and traffic was horrible getting home. I’m sleep deprived this morning and sure hope we get out of class a little early tonight. Yawn.

I downloaded our vacation pictures, now I just need to get some ready for sharing. I also need to post my WIP pictures and clean up the left hand column of my blog to reflect better what I’m doing with my stitching. I’m sort of liking this organizing thing and it’s scaring me!
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