Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Good Luck and Godspeed
Perfect words on this beautiful day.

The shuttle Discovery seems to have had a perfect lift-off on this auspicious day. I cried and prayed as I watched it sore into the beyond.

The weather cannot be more perfect today. Husband went surfing at 5 this morning and I drove down to watch him later on and then we went to breakfast at a favorite downtown “surfer” café. We were home and deciding our plans for the last day of our holiday weekend by 10.

We have decided that since we live in this beautiful beach community and can take advantage of it every single day, we will avoid the hordes of the out-of-towners who are not as privileged as we are to live here. People were setting up beach chairs and tents this morning at 6 a.m. Poor souls.

Instead we’re going to putter around the house. He’s washing my car while I’m doing laundry and cooking. When that’s done I’m going to stitch. Doesn’t that sound like a perfect day to spend in a non-air conditioned house! LOL

We went to our local carnival and street festival yesterday evening. Bandit did very well except he still won’t eat or drink in public. There are so many people, bicycles and smells, but this time he didn’t cling to me and only “asked” to be picked up a couple of times. He’s getting better.

We may go down to the harbor tonight to watch the fireworks over the ocean. We have a choice of two – out in town, or on the base. We’re grilling hamburgers and fresh corn and I’m making potato salad. I love weekend grilling!

I wish all my fellow Americans good luck in the next year as we celebrate the beginning of our country today.
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