Wednesday, October 26, 2005
Saturday CATS
6:00 a.m. and the alarm is worse than it was Friday because I’m yanked out of my margarita induced coma. Room service breakfast again, only this time I ordered better and even saved the fruit to eat later. I am draggin’ butt from the margaritas the night before. My lips keep sticking together and Blistex is my friend! I’ve already had one, but am in desperate need of at least 2 more cups of coffee!

No need to register for anything so I can take my time and go straight to my class. I’m taking Sugar and Spice, which is more beautiful in person than in this photo, and I was very impressed with the photo. There are 6 of us altogether. 2 sets of sisters, one set said they had a daughter and mom with them. I think that’s so cool that 3 generations are stitchers. We introduce ourselves and get to know Liz a little better.

She focused on finishing the item instead of actually stitching it, but we did go over the stitches and the history behind them. I was fortunate to receive a kit that had everything in it - 4 others did not since Zweigart sent Liz the wrong color canvas. The fibers are wonderful and I’ve never worked with any of them. My favorite has to be the Oriental Linen by The Thread Gatherer and I intend to add more of it to my stash. It just feels yummy! The other fibers were silks, cottons and metallics from Maderia. Her directions are thorough and very easy to understand.

After class I walked over to one of the Little Bit-O-Classes and realized I was standing behind Susan and Jill and Ann and daughter A walked up beside me.

Back to the market! Woohoo! I could not believe I found more to purchase. Even though it was very tiny, every time I walked through I found more I had overlooked the day before. This is the day when I spent the most at The Sweetheart Tree, plus I was at Enchanting Lair again to purchase a gift for another someone. Laura had a beautiful freebie that included a puffed heart charm and a tease of what she’s offering at next year’s festivals. I don’t think there’s any way I can make all 3, but I do plan on being in Vegas for the first one, and really want to go to Hershey, so I’ll have to figure something out and I’m already thinking of a bribe.

Anyway we (I) made our dent and headed to the Starbuck’s kiosk for sandwiches and sodas and had lunch in my room where we gossiped before heading to the Stitchers’ Lounge for a while.

Dinner was an In & Out hamburger and shake, which was manna, and I headed back to the Stitchers’ Lounge and stitched to the original Pride and Prejudice and The Unsinkable Molly Brown. I was the last one out of there! LOL

I slept like the dead.
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