Thursday, May 19, 2005
One more day. One more day to study for my math final. One more day to worry about my cap staying on (where are those hairpins?). And now one more day to worry if white pants are a wise choice considering the visitor I had this morning.

Have an appointment with Records tomorrow to verify that I took a criminal law class in South Carolina. I already have proof the school was ABA approved and am hoping the course advisor will let me have the credit in this program so it'll be one less class to take. I'm going to argue like a blue streak if he give me a hard time, since the reason the program is leaving this school is lack of ABA approval.

Went to see Kingdom of Heaven last night. I loved it. I was so glad to see it was not full of running around and having sex with everyone stuff. I liked broodie, dirty Orlando. I'll definately be adding this one to my library.

It was fun to see the line waiting for Star Wars III. We went to the 6:45 showing and there were 3-4 theaters set up for Star Wars. They were already letting people into one of them and the line inside was long. When we left there were a lot of people sitting outside waiting to purchase tickets for the other theaters.

Bandit is almost completely physically mended. Husband and I have noticed though that mentally, he's not. Every night since the attack we've kept his door closed and he wakes us up wanting the same time he was attacked (between 4 and 4:30a.m.). He's still very cautious about going out his door at night. He no longer sticks his head out and growls, but you can see his nose going. When he finally does go out, he doesn't do anything except walk the perimeter of the yard a couple of times, then he's ready to come back in and go back to bed.
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