Monday, February 21, 2005
It's not always about me
Today's is Husband's birthday :) Happy birthday to Husband. I made reservations a week ago for this great Italian restaurant that we last went to before Christmas. I knew he'd be very excited about going because he has mentioned returning there many times.

It was not to be. The weather changed his mind. He decided that he wanted me to take him to lunch at Chili's and then go see Constantine. So, that's what we did. I gave him a portable Ott light for a present, since he loves miniature modeling and I knew he could benefit from the great light, now that he's had his eye surgery.

And to update on that surgery - he had a follow-up appointment this week. His vision is now 20/25 in his eye. He's just a slow healer. I kept trying to convince myself of this, but there's always that paranoid worry that lingers in the back of my mind about things like this.

Anyway, it's not always about it's about Husband and what he wanted to do.
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