Wednesday, November 17, 2004
I'm sick. Again. The medicine I'm taking makes me an air-head. Okay, I'm already an air-head, but the medicine makes it so I can't hide it.


Do you find that having another distraction (music, movies, people to
talk to) while stitching helps you make progress or make mistakes?

Not really. I 'watch' TV while I stitch. If I don't have it on my mind roams, I solve world problems and I end up not being able to concentrate. Most of the TV I watch is in DVD format of series' that missed while living in Okinawa. I'm trying to catch up. The movies are normally ones I've see a katrillion times (LOTR, Star Wars, Pride & Prejudice) and I feel they're more like audio books than movies since I rarely look up (unless Darcy or Aragorn are onscreen [BEG]). I also talk to Husband a lot while I stitch if he's home. If there's something on the tube he's not interested in he's sitting at his desk, in the next room, killing people. We can see each other and hear what the other one is doing and we talk about different things.
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