Wednesday, September 15, 2004
Are you a survivor?
Every now and then this topic comes up in one of the areas I frequent. Today it's coming up here. I have no idea what made me think of this, this particular morning, it just kind of popped in my head. And I'm talking about life, not morals or ethics.

Are you a survivor?

Yes, I am. I would lie, cheat, steal, kill and while sitting here in front of my computer, the thought grosses me out, I'd probably eat human flesh, if it ensured my survival or that of my husband, son, mother, father and maybe even my dog (0kay, that last one is sarcasm folks).

Would I sacrifice myself for one of the above people to survive?

I'd like to think that I would, especially for my husband and son, but I honestly don't know. With the exception of my husband and the Marines with whom he serves, I don't know a single person who can honestly know what they'd do in that situtation unless faced with it.

So now that I have it down in writing, let's hope a situation never arises where I have to find out.
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