Wednesday, September 08, 2004
It's one of those mornings....

I have a thousand things wandering through my head but I'm having trouble focusing clearly on them individually, so I'm need to make some notes about what's going on.

I'm trying really hard to stick to my routine I posted several posts back. I am now getting up at 6 a.m. instead of 7.

I did the treadmill this morning. Doc wants me walking a 15 minute mile. It took me a tad over 26 minutes. About 20 minutes into the program I realized I was walking on an incline so I adjusted the machine back to flat. I worked up a good sweat and am determined to do better next time. Husband wants me getting up at 5:30 and lifting with him. He'll have to wait. I'm the type of person who needs to get myself in gear one step at a time. If I jump in too fast I'll hate it and dig my heels in and whine and ... well you get the idea.

I have a meeting with the nutritionist on Saturday afternoon. From what I understand it won't be one-on-one until after this meeting. I will be doing the one-on-one thing afterwards, but I don't know how often.

I'm still plugging away on the shopping lists for the TSLBB. I need to get Dream Lovers out and finish it. I'm thisclose!

Interning. I met with my supervising attorney yesterday. Before I get into what we talked about, I just want to say, I really like him! I can see myself working for him for a long time. He's got a great sense of humor (not dry, at all), is really great explaining things to me, can quote code off the top of his head like crazy and is pushing me to dig in. Now, as to what we talke about yesterday. I have to set 3 goals/objectives as an intern. Yesterday I received the 2nd one (the first one is to set up a corporation/LLC from start to finish and to do any monitoring it may require). I am now sort of in charge of library maintenance. He thinks this will help me understand researching a little better because he knows I read everything I get my hands on. I'm comfortable with the phones now and starting working on the tremendous amount of filing that laying around. I cannot stand that file box and don't understand why they don't file as they go! Anal me :)

Business English continues to be a challenge. It's been so long since I tackled sentence structure, and it's changed quite a bit. The challenge is that we're covering problem areas so it's rather tough. I did learn something yesterday though so it's not a complete loss. I've always struggled with using "were" and "was" when writing and she gave us a rule to go by that was so easy I had a head-smack moment! LOL So far I'm running with a mid-B, but I spend more time on this class than the others.

My Paralegal Computer class is boringly easy right now. We're learning the different parts of a computer...hardware and software. Yawn! Mostly we're creating definitions using a wordprocessor and saving to a disk and printing to turn in...that sort of stuff. No complaints tho, since I can usually get my homework started in class since the instructor encourages us to type our notes while she's lecturing. So homework is tedious and bothersome but not hard. Easy "A?"

Litigation...I need to get my butt in gear! We didn't have class Monday due to Labor Day, and I need to read 6 chapters before next Monday's class. Only one homework assignment, which I feel I failed miserably (had to do with analyzing a case). After we turned in our papers she told us it was mostly to get us to read the case and think about who's fault it was that the case was dismissed. More like who it would be blamed on, since it's the supervising attorney who receives the "punishment" if a paralegal messes us.

File Management. Ummm, I've opened the course work package, reviewed the introductory video and packed it all up again. Next week that is scheduled into my study and report time. It's a self-paced course that I know from top to bottom (0r at least I think I do) and I have to report into an instructor in the lab to turn in my course work and take a test before moving on to the next chapter. I think I'm supposed to complete 32 hours of course work. I'm determined NOT to put this off to the last minute.

And on this day in

1504 - Michelangelo's 13-foot marble statue of David is unveiled in Florence, Italy.

1636 - Harvard College (originally Cambridge College) is founded, the first college in the US.

1906 - Robert Turner invents the automatic typewriter's return carriage.

1935 - Senator Huey P. Long is shot and mortally wounded in Louisiana's state capitol. He died two days later.

1974 - President Gerald Ford issues an unconditional pardon to former President Richard Nixon.

1990 - Ellis Island Historical Site opens on Eliis Island, New York City.
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