Monday, August 28, 2006
I had a great stitching weekend
but the laundry suffered! I’ve been in a small stitching slump where I’ve had to MAKE myself stitch! But now, I’m more than half finished with my current round robin piece and am really looking forward to stitching on Christmas Drawers. In fact, I was tempted to just chuck the RR piece and work on CD yesterday! I haven’t looked at the piece in a long time but if memory serves I don’t have that much left to do on it. Also, since I haven’t looked at it in a long time, I hope I can find it!!

Why is it when you finally come to a decision about something, things seem so much easier? After I wrote down my decision to de-stash myself, I got really excited about stitching again! I think it’s the anticipation of going through my stash and finding long forgotten things to stitch. I know when I was going through my Silver Lining stash I felt a small pang to be weeding out the designs I pulled, but I still have several in my stash that I intend to stitch and am now looking forward to their turn as a WIP. I was feeling guilty about how many TSL designs I had! Now if I can just find homes for them.

I brought my book to work today and plan on reading my Bus.Org. homework at work. We’re still in trial and with all the attorneys gone there’s nothing for me to do today except do the weekly “shopping” but that’ll only take about 90 minutes. I would say “yippee” except it makes the day drag! Too bad I can’t stitch!
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