Thursday, August 24, 2006
Can you hear me now?
Ack! My blog’s not pinging! Why? I even do a “manual” ping at Ping-o-matic. Help!

Kati, your blog does show as updated in my blogroll, as does yours Leah! Help! Help! What can I do?

I just went to Weblogs to look at their FAQs and it says I don’t have an account. I just signed up for one. I’ve NEVER had an account there, there I know of, but I’ve always pinged in the past.

No stitching for me. I had another “get it to the Court on time” stress filled day at work yesterday and just felt like vegging last night. I’m always afraid to stitch when I have days like that because I just know the frog will show up.

It’s not 9 and I’ve already had 2 calls from Boss at the courthouse. I may just NEED to stitch tonight! Of course I also may NEED to drink!

I haven't answered a SBQ in a very long time and this one is near and dear to my heart!

Do you have an organizational system for your fabric? If so, what is it? If not, what do you store your fabric in?

My fabric is sorted by color. The section on the top is the infamous 30 ct Murano that is no longer made. When I found out it was going OOP I bought it by the bolt! As you can see I have 6 different colors of it. The bolts each held 4 yards. The other fabric is various "designer" hand-dyeds with the exception of the far right shelves. They contain all the natural looking fabrics which are either true "natural" or hand-dyeds by the likes of R&R and Lakeside Linens. Just to the left of that you can see my tiny stash of white and black fabrics. Most of my fabric is linen and I love the smaller counts. I keep all the colors together no matter what the count or how large or small the fabric piece is. Each piece of fabric has a piece of paper stapled to it that has what it is and what the size of the fabric is.

Underneath the fabric is my DMC. The corner cabinet to the right currently is a mess but I'm installing hooks that will hold my overdyed fibers.
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