Wednesday, August 23, 2006
101 Things Happy Dance
Still no Strawberry Garden happy dance. I decided to spend the evening socializing with Husband since he left again today. We went out for a light dinner then spent the rest of the evening just talking about stuff like college, retirement (look! less than 750 days!), work, Son, Bandit, etc. It's very rare that we sit with the TV off and just talk. We're usually multi-tasking! LOL

Anyway, since Husband is gone until Friday I expect to get lots of stitching time in tonight and tomorrow night.

I did, however, finish reading Fellowship of the Ring, which is part of 67. on my list.

I need to go in and update my document since I have also started:

4. Refurbish webpage
17. Trace maternal women for Mother's Tree by TIAG
69. Read all my school assignments

and I started reading The Two Towers this morning on the train.

The more I look at my list the more I wish I had included a few more easier things! I feel like the majority of the stuff on there is very hard to attain!

Oh, and cross your fingers for me please! One of Son's friends has moved back to town and I am hoping like mad that the two of them, and another friend, will find an apartment they can afford and Son will move out! I really think he needs to get out on his own to see how truly tough it is. If he fails and has to move back home, that's okay, since I think the only way he's going to learn is to try and fail. No matter what he'll have to move out by November 2007 anyway, even if he's still in college, because once he reached 23 the military doesn't allow them "dependent" status anymore.
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