Tuesday, August 01, 2006
August Goals - July Progress
I cannot believe how fast this year is flying by. Husband is always giving me a hard time about wishing my life away, but I'm to the point right now where there are so many things I'm looking forward to in my future, the I cannot stop myself.

I'm ready for August 9 to get here so I can get my presentation out of the way for school.

I'm ready for August 21 to get here so my next to last class can start.

I'm ready for September whatever to get here. Husband is going away for 6 weeks and Bandit and I will be driving over to visit him a few weekends while he's gone.

I'm ready for September to get here to make my surgery date.

I'm ready for December 11 to get here since that's the last day of next term, and hopefully the day before my surgery.

I changed my countdown calendar again to remind me how long before Husband retires, so I can look forward to that phase of our lives.

I'm sure as fast as the first part of the year has gone, the next few months will fly by equally as fast.

I also just found out a stitching someone I know is going to be visiting from Australia and now I'm ready for that to happen since it's been 5 years since I visited her in Australia!

July's Progress:

Work on Linda's Quaker round robin piece - DONE!
Stitch on Strawberry Garden - DONE!
Work at least 30 minutes a week in my craft room - Not every week.
Put 10 stash things up for sale a week - NOPE!

August Goals:

Work on Pam's Quaker Round Robin Piece
Stitch on Strawberry Garden
Work at least 30 minutes a week in my craft room
Put 10 stash things up for sale a week
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