Saturday, November 05, 2005
Oct 30 - Nov 5
It’s been a rather boring week.

I’ve applied for 2 jobs this past week. One of them I’m retracting, though, as my professor knows the attorney, has given me a bit of history, and since she knows me so well knows that I wouldn’t like working there. She also told me that she’s thinking of going out on her own (she works in a very large firm) and she’d highly consider hiring me as her assistant when she’s able to afford one. I felt that was a huge compliment to me. Of course, I’ve had her for more classes than any other professor and she’s always taught up how she likes to see things done (within the law), so who better to hire than someone who’s work she’s already critiqued.

In stitching news, I’ve completed all the stitching on my exchanges. One of them is completely packed up and ready to go out in Monday’s mail. I just returned from JoAnns (I absolutely love my JoAnns) with supplies to finish the other 2. Then it’s on to “fun” stitching. Not that these pieces haven’t been fun, but I’m looking forward to getting back to my WIPs, now that I have my stitching slump and illness conquered.

I still haven’t put my CATS purchases away. My stitching room/office is a disaster.

I will have off Wednesday – Sunday for Thanksgiving weekend. I’m going to cook Thanksgiving on Wednesday. Husband has work and Son has school. My class has been canceled and the office will close at noon, so I have nothing going on that day. We’ll be at Disneyland on Thursday so instead of cooking on Friday, I’m going to do it on Wednesday so we’ll (I’ll) have the rest of the weekend to do absolutely nothing, if that’s what I want to do. I have no plans for Black Friday shopping, but you never know!!! Maybe we’ll catch a movie that day.

Next week's goals:
  • mail exchanges
  • stitch September snapper

More next weekend (unless something exciting happens between now and then).

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