Monday, July 30, 2007
The monsters are back.
Friday night the puppies were in and out of the house at least 4 times. Saturday morning Husband left to surf at 5:30 and I sort of just snoozed after I heard his Jeep head down the road. I think I was sort of putting out mental vibes of the "sleep puppies....don't bother mommie puppies..." those silly kind of things when it occured to me it was awfully quiet in the house. You know, the kind of quiet when there's no electricity! I got up and realized it was 6:30. I hopped in the shower (don't know why I thought this would help). I sat at my desk to put my face on since it faces east and had a time keeping the makeup brushes away from Harley. She is such a sneak and wants to possess everything she sees you touch!

Husband came in and immediately tells me the traffic lights aren't working out in town, and I inform him NO lights are working in our house. So he hits the shower and we head down south to pick up his race package and then to town. The mall is the closest place we could think of that had air conditioning, and because there are no traffic lights it took us a good half hour to get there. We grabbed lunch and walked around for awhile then decided to go to the movies. We saw Transformers, which I loved, since Son grew up playing with them. When we finally got back home the power had been on all of 11 minutes.

We went to bed early since neither of us had slept well the night before, plus we had to get up at 4:30 to head back south for Husband's triathlon. The puppies were in and out again all night long (murder was mentioned by one of us). One of the times they headed out we heard the fence "popping" like something was trying to get in or out. We closed the puppie door and locked them in the room with us and they took turns "berf-ing" all night long.

Triathlon went great, we were both pooped, but neither of us could nap because the puppies were in and out barking at everything (starting to see a pattern here?). So we crashed early again last night, and you guessed it! The puppies were in and out again, but THIS time we found out why. Husband goes outside to where fearless Harley snapping and snarling ready to eat something. He picks her up and tosses her in the house, just as I'm coming to the door - she launches herself at the door and is practically frothing at the mouth. I see Husband through the door wrestling with Bandit and the only word I can understand him say is "coyote." Husband was standing with the puppies at the gate and a coyote charged the fence WITH HIM STANDING THERE!

So the puppies prowled the house all night long and Husband and I think that including Friday night we've probably had about 12 hours of sleep.
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