Friday, July 27, 2007
It's a done deal.
Husband met again with the same group yesterday and the Colonel in charge told him the orders were his. So, on Monday morning, Husband will start all the paperwork necessary to re-enlist. As far as Iraq is concerned, it's a wait and see. There are 2 "pumps" going in 2008. One in January and one in July. In our perfect little world - as it now stands - he would go in January, leaving me living on base in our current house so I wouldn't have to worry about feeling "unsafe" living by myself in the non-military world.

I keep having all these things come to mind out of the blue - we won't be going to Vegas for the Marine Corps Ball this year (good thing), I'll have to mow the yard (horrible thing), wonder if I can talk my boss into a raise with the threat of finding another job (evil thing), I'll have 4 vehicles to maintain by myself (damn!) and plants to keep alive in the house (double damn!). Silly stuff that just randomly strikes my already overloaded brain when I'm least expecting it.


A lot of heavy sighing going on too.

I feel like I'm always counting down to zero, and can just never get there.

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